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  Within the heat treating industry, Metex is a technology leader. Metex has been investing continuously in new Continuous Heat Treat & Batch furnace lines. All the heat treat lines have up to date data collection system.

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 Equipment List

Continuous Belt Lines Continuous Belt Lines
(includes loading, furnace, quench, wash and temper)

• Can Eng - 6000 lbs/hour
• Can Eng - 4000 lbs/hour
• Rogers - 3500 lbs/hour
• Electric Furnace Co. - 2000 lbs/hour
• Pacific Scientific Rotary Retort Furnace - 1000 lbs/hour
Induction Lines Induction Furnace
• 4 Tocco Furnaces - 400kHz 50kW
• 2 Welduction Furnaces - 450 kHz 75kW
• Tocco - 3/10 kHz 100kW
• Pillar - 10 kHz 100kW

• 2 Vertical CNC's
• 1 Horizontal CNC
Batch Lines Batch Furnace
• Surface Combustion - 30" x 48" x 20"
• AFC - 36" x 48" x 26"
Other Equipment

Additional Services and Processes
• Continuous Bright Annealing - 800 lbs/hour
• Continous Stress Relieving - 2000 lbs/hour
• Batch Atmosphere Stress Relieving - 300 lbs/hour


 Wonderware Tracking Software


Metex currently runs a 6000 lbs/hour mesh belt line, which is the largest furnace in Canada. This line was built by Can-Eng and uses the latest furnace technologies and software to control the process.

The WONDERWARE software trends 92 different furnace characteristics in real-time. This includes furnace zone temperatures, furnace atmosphere, loading rates and belt speeds.

Other continuous lines and batch furnaces also have complete data collection systems.

 Induction Tooling Design

  Metex currently operates seven PLC controlled induction furnaces which are capable of handling intricate parts. A CNC scanner is also available for enhanced precision and repeatability.

Induction coils are designed, developed and customized in-house to accurately match all job profiles

Advantages of Induction Hardening
1. Localized heating of target area
2. Reduced distortion
3. Hardening the "working" area of the part only
4. Parts are allowed to have varying Metallurgical properties


 Oil and Polymer Quenching


Metex is the only heat treater in Canada with both oil and synthetic quenchant capabilities.

The advantage of synthetic quenchant is the ability to harden lean hardenablity materials. Examples would include weld bolts, fine grained steels and C1010 material.

 Rotary Retort Processing


Metex is the only heat treater in Canada which commercially operates a rotary retort furnace. The advantage of this line is the ability to case harden (carburize or carbonitride) thin flat parts, as well as parts that nest together.



Metex has clemex software for image analysis and automatic hardness checks. Microscope has the ability to go upto 1000x.

Stereo microscope has camera attachment for image analysis.

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