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  Metex produces in excess of 60 million pounds of heat treated product. The plant occupies 65,000 square feet within three buildings that are in close proximity of each other.

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 Laboratory Accreditions

   • TS16949
 • Guide ISO17025 Accredited By Laboratory Accreditation Bureau
 • FQA (US Fastener Quality Act) Compliant
 • Chrysler Corp.
 • FQA (US Fastener Quality Act) Compliant
 • Ford Motor Co.

 Laboratory Equipment

   • Microhardness Tester with Image Analyzer
 • 11 Hardness Testers
 • Metallograph - 1000x
 • Spectrometer
 • Refractometer
 • Tensile Tester
 • Leco Carbon Analyzer
 • Gas Analyzer
 • Dew Pointer
 • Viscometer
 • Mounting Equipment
 • Polishing Equipment

 Quality Staff

  Metex has five metallurgists on staff. They lead on-going training programs for the furnace operators. Training programs include Metallurgy, Heat Treatment, Team Problem Solving Skills and Quality Improvement.

 Quality Policy

It is the Quality Policy of Metex Heat Treating to provide services and products, which consistently meet or exceed the contractual demands and expectations of our customers. To achieve these objectives and goals all elements of TS16949 quality management systems are maintained and implemented throughout the organization.

Personal at all levels of organization are informed and trained, on regular basis, to maintain and implement the requirements of the TS16949 quality standards at regular staff meetings. This is done in a plain and simple language and most of the times in the language understood by everybody. The General Manager, Plant Manager and Quality Assurance Supervisor are responsible for this. And on daily basis the foremen and quality inspectors ensure that all plant operations and controls are well maintained and understood by all workers.

Metex personnel at all levels of organization have mandate to implement and maintain this program and work within its guide lines to conform to the requirements of the TS16949 quality standards system described in the company's Quality Assurance Manual.

Over all it is the aim of METEX to create a cordial and mutually profitable relationship with all its customers and suppliers by giving excellent service, zero defects and better communication and at the same time acknowledging the responsible efforts, hard work and cooperation of its employees.

 Continuous Improvement

  Our employees are actively involved in continuous improvement projects directly impacting customer satisfaction, service quality, cost improvement and workplace safety. Employee empowerment is order of the day.

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